KSKA AKI-Gasshuku 2007

Arlon/Belgium, 12-14/10/2007

The Aki-Gasshuku (Autum-Gasshuku) in Arlon / Belgium was again a very successful course of the Kase Ha Shotokan Ryu Karate-Do Academy, with over 80 participants from Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, England, Ireland, Scotland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Greece, Kuwait, Italy, Serbia, Slovenia and Uruguay. The organizing committee around sensei Andre from Arlon did a very good job in organizing this KSKA Aki-Gasshuku, thank at this point for that.

Organization committee

At this Gasshuku the Shihankai decided to change the training structure. The first training on Friday evening and the last training on Sunday morning should be a common training from 1st to 7th dan, and the two training sessions on Saturday should be separated in two groups 1st - 3rd dan and until 45 years old and 4th dan and above or over 45 years old. The split of the group proved to be successful. In this way it was possible to accommodate the training to the different requirements of the two groups. Sensei Dirk did a suggestion of the program for the weekend, in order to have a good training building up on each other. Unfortunately Sensei Dirk caught a very bad stomach flu on Friday night, maybe the noro-virus and he was knocked out in his room until Sunday morning.

The course started as usual Friday evening. Sensei Velibor took the first session, working first on tachi kata in four directions. First we had only to do the tachi kata with the emphasis on rooting and strong position. Than gradually we did the movements with blocking and after with blocking an counter techniques. In the end we also had to implement kicks into the combinations. Then Velibor put also a strong emphasis on abdominal breathing and the art of Kincho, contraction and relaxation. The training gave everybody a very good start into the weekend.

Sensei Velibor in a perfect Fudo Dachi

After the training most of the participants had a dinner at the cafeteria at the sports hall and a drink afterwards at the bar upstairs.

The next morning sensei Pascal Petrella took the group of 1st to 3rd dan. The these of his training was open hand kihon and open hand kumite from the 2nd dan KSKA grading program. The emphasis in kihon was on wide attobaya blocking techniques, with maximum - explosion like - speed and power, combined with strong rooting of the body. The exact timing in blocking and counter technique was than extensively practiced. The change of partners did seem to end.

Sensei Pascal performing open hand kihon
in hanmi-dachi from 1st dan program

A lady from Spain against Mona from Sweden

Lorenzo from Arlon and Oliver from Germany

Sensei Pascal Petrella with preparation
for setei counter attack

Sensei Jim took the session from 3rd dan and above, repeating the complex bunkai of Naihanchi Oyo, which we already did at the Gasshuku in Tampere. It was good to do this Bunkai again, so it could settle down. Sensei Jim put a great effort in demonstrating the kata first in kihon from and than in bunkai.

Sensei Jim in Fudo Dachi

Sensei Jim demonstrating kata bunkai

Sensei Franz Brion from Antwerpes Belgium with Naihanchi Oyo

Gerhard from Germany against Greg from Kuwait

Sensei Armstrong with a lever on Manolo from Spain

The second training for the 1st -3rd dan took sensei Mike. His theme was the double hand blocks with a lot of kumite workout. Sensei Mike also put an emphasis on rooting and exact timing with the blocking techniques.

Sensei Mike with a supporting block

Zanshin before the attack

Sensei Pascal Lecourt took the second training of 3rd dan and above working on open hand kumite combinations and gyaku-uraken counter attacks and on keri-waza. Sensei Pascal Lecourt demonstrated the kumite combinations as usual with full speed and power with a dynamic and strong attobaya block and attacks. The technical & spiritual level of the group was really good. Everybody was pushing him self to the limits.

Sensei Pascal Lecourt & Sensei Christian from France with shuto barai block

Sensei Pascal Lecourt Lecourt in Fudo dachi

Above 4th dan training open hand kihon

Sensei Miguel and Sensei Reinaldo from Portugal

After the training the grading 4th dan and above took place. Sensei Velibor, sensei Pascal Lecourt and Sensei Pascal Petrella were the examiners. Unfortunately they had to fail some candidates. Therefore here an appeal from the Shihankai to the grading candidates in the future. Please make sure that you present yourself prior to the grading to at least to one of the members of the shihankai, better to two or three, to check on your grading program, e.g.. kihon, kata & kata bunkai and kumite combination to make sure you know what the examiners want to see from you and to make sure you have the right emphasis on your training.

After a hard training day everybody was happy to enjoy a very nice set dinner at the cafeteria at the sports hall. We had the opportunity to talk and to deepen our friendship among each other.

Lesley and Sensei Mike, sensei Alan (KSKA treasurer) and Sensei Velibor

Scottish group with Sensei Jim

Sensei Ljubo Jarworsek from Slowenia, Mona Pfaus from Sweden

The next morning sensei Dirk was ok again and ready to take the last session of this Gasshuku. Continuing the program we worked again with tachi kata in four different directions, also using tai-sabaki gyaku-uraken and different geris. Like in the training with sensei Velibor sensei Dirks emphasis was on rooting, stability in the different positions. After the kihon we applied the combination in kumite.

Sensei Dirk explaining the importance of Kosa-Dachi performing Gyaku Uraken

sensei Dirk explaining the application with Anti & Jani from Finland

Sensei Dirk with mawashi geri

Juan-Pablo from Spain & Grag from Kuwait with gyaku-uraken

Manolo from Spain against Greg

Sensei Pascal Lecourt and sensei Mike during hard training

The spirit of the members of the KSKA three years after sensei Kases death remains strong and everybody is eager to work hard on himself to get better and to follow the line of sensei Kase.

The KSKA Shihankai

Group photo

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