11th Annual Course with Sensei Pascal Lecourt in Luxembourg 12. - 13.1.2008

By Anne Rasimus

The training times for the weekend were tailor made for travelers who drive or fly from abroad. Saturday we started at 13.30 and did two sessions till 17.00. Sunday the training started already at 11.00 and finished after two o'clock so that our guests were able to return home in a decent hour. Again we had quite an international group. Germany, Great Britain, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Estonia and of course Luxembourg were represented. Sensei Dirk Heene also joined us on Sunday, he was accompanied by the friendly gang of Hasselt Yvette, Phillip, Antti among others.

Group picture on Saturday

The programme

During the first session we concentrated in moving in a dynamic way but keeping the upper body relaxed to be able to use kime at the right moment. We stepped kay ashi back using our hips and then continued with a long zugi ashi. First the direction was straight backward then we used tai sabaki left and right with proper helping steps. The tori covers the longish distance by taking the proper steps and then attacks with kizami zuki. At that moment uke was e.g. to observe the tori and sense the attack. Later the uke counter attacks either with deai or gono sen approach.

Next session was dedicated to Sensei Kase's open hand blocks. We did double blocks followed by either a double hentei or a double seitei combination, haitos and shutos in different variations. During the kihon Pascal reminded us about relaxation / tension. We practiced e.g. having the left arm in a gedan kamae and relaxing that half of the body while shooting ganmen shuto barai with the right arm with kime. At the end Tino Gneipel and Gerhard Scheuriker from Germany demonstrated us, how it is done.

Sunday we focused on kata. First we studied Jitte it in a profound way (omote, ura, go and ura go). Then we practiced an oyo bunkai.

Pascal demonstrating some Jitte application

Anne Rasimus

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