KSK-Academy Kangeiko

20th - 22nd February 2009 in Eggbergen Switzerland, 1250m

At a stage in 2002 at Glasgow, Sensei Kase mentioned to Sensei Dirk Heene and Sensei Pascal Petrella just after the WKSA got dissolved and KSKA got founded, he would like to practice a small instructor group of only 20 people, to develop the future instructors of Kase Ha. Sadly his vision didn't come true during his presents. But the Shihankai decided that it is now the right time to start the KSKA Kangeiko for selected instructors of the KSK-Academy deep at the Swiss Alps at 1450m at Eggbergen. The venue can only be reached by cable car. In the middle of nowhere with about 1.5m snow 18 invited members made their way the 1st KSKA kangeiko in Switzerland.

The Shihankai: Dirk Heene, Jim Martin, Mike Fedyk, Pascal Lecourt, Pascal Petrella invited the following instructors: Ian Gillis, Alan Armstrong, and Wilkins Dave from UK, Felix Croonenborghs, Antti Kovalainen from Belgium, Sammarco Mario, Ibscher Nico from Germany, Le Romancier Christian, Lebegue Benit from France, MacGeoch Jerry from Scotland, Delgado Juan-Pablo and Valero Manolo from Spain. Furthermore the new secretary of the KSK-Academy Gerhard Scheuriker from Germany got invited to the Executive Committee meeting. Consciously the invitation was not only for younger students, but also senior instructors from the KSKA. It was a good mix of generations.

A special thanks for our two wonderful cooks Ellen Sammarco from Müllheim and Martina from Hasselt for their delicious food. Five Training sessions where on the schedule for this weekend. One session on Friday, three on Saturday and one on Sunday. The training in this small group was obviously very intensive and due to the venue the spirit at the training was also very special. Everybody enjoyed the weekend at Eggberge and all are looking forward for the 2nd KSK-Academy Kangeiko.

Shihan Kase
Finally at Eggberge
All walking through the snow to the Judohaus
Friends in the snow
Sensei Pascal observing Anti
Sensei Dirk demonstrating with Sensei Juan Pablo
Sensei Lecourt demonstrating with Benoit
Sensei Lecourt demonstrating with Benoît
Sensei Heene with taisho uke
Sensei Jim demonstrating with Jerry
Sensei Mike observing Anti and Nico
Group photo
Sensei Alan washing up the dishes
At the dinner table
Everybody was listening to Sensei Dirk's stories
Meeting of the executive committee with the new secretary Gerhard
Sensei Dirk and Sensei Jim
Manolo, Gerhard, Juan Pablo and Nico
Pascal, Benoit and Christian from France
Our cooks Ellen and Martina
Christian, Pascal and Pascal
Dave and Mario
Dirk Christian and Pascal
Jerry from Scotland in an iglu
Juan Pablo and Anti posing in the snow
Sensational sight to the swiss alps
The Judohaus at Eggberge
The mountains in the clouds behind the Judohaus

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