Instructor Course with Sensei Pascal Petrella 6th dan in Gandia / Spain

11th-12th June 2010

The Spanish Kase-Ha formation invited the KSKA Shihankai member for their last session of their Instructor-Course module. Since 3 years the Spanish Kase-Ha Formation is working on a instructor module. At the end of the first module sensei Dirk Heene and after the second sensei Velibor Dimitrijevic were invited to the instructor course, which is guided by Frank Schubert, Lorenzo Marti and Martin Fernandes.

Sensei Martin Fernades welcomes
Sensei Pascal Petrella
to the Instructor course in Gandia

After his arrival on friday afternoon sensei Petrella took the session in sensei Lorenzo's dojo in the evening. Sensei Pascal did a heavy kumite session with a lot of free randori and randori with special tasks for the attacker or the defender, emphasis of different tactics like go-no-sen, tai-no-sen and sen-no-sen. Friday evening ended with a nice dinner in a restaurant near the dojo.

Sensei Pascal Petrella demonstrates
how to test and feel abdominal breathing

The group is testing the sensation for ibuki breathing
in various positions

Ibuki breathing in a lying position

On saturday morning sensei Pascal Petrella explained the importance of ibuki breathing and showed the spanish instructors how to teach with some variations of sensation their students ibuki breathing the way sensei Kase was teaching it. How to use ibuki breathing was then practiced with simple kihon for kyu grades. Sensei Petrella discussed several basic techniques, common mistakes of students, and what kind of tools an instructor has to address these mistakes.

Sensei Pascal checks the rooting of sensei Martin

Sensei Pascal explains the effect of outside rotation of the joints
to the stability of various positions in karate

Sensei Pascal Petrella shows belt exercise with sensei Frank Schubert

In Kihon technique and respiration focus in one point

Sensei Petrella discussed also how to check e.g. the effectiveness of blocking techniques with the example of age uke, where the students can feel with a simple exercise how the arm movement for age uke has to be performed in order not to loose any power, keeping the elbow always behind the techniques.

Sensei Petrella shows with sensei Lorenzo Marti
how to test the power line of age uke

Sensei Frank Schubert and his Partner testing
the position of the elbow during age uke blocking

Spanish instructors during enpi bunkai

And yes, some leavers really hurt and are very effective

In his last session Sensei Petrella showed some enpi bunkai oyo to the instructor group, applying a lot of nasty levers (tuite) and effective Kyusho pressure point techniques to vital areas of the body.

Group photo with the instructor group and sensei Pascal Petrella

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