7th KSKA Kangeiko in Müllheim, 13th - 15th February 2015

The KSKA hosted for the 7th time a small group of instructors from all over Europe for special instructor course under the supervision of Senseis Pascal Petrella (Germany), Juan-Pablo Delgado (Spain) and Nico Ibscher (Germany). The KSKA president and principal of the KSKA Shihankai Sensei Dirk Heene (Belgium) was impressed by the progress of the group and also the strong spirit of the participants at the training.

Sensei Pascal started the training of Friday with basics, showing the participants what the emphasis on teaching basic techniques is, what the mistakes are and how to correct them, which is part of the Train-the-Trainer program of KSK-Germany.

On Saturday Sensei Nico Ibscher put his emphasis for this session on stability in basic stance fudo dachi, the position of the pelvis, tension of the butt, alignments of the torso. Sensei Nico emphasized that it is important to have a very strong position, yet not to be over tensed in contracting to much muscles in order to be able to move fast. Sensei Nico came up with various exercises to get the right feeling for the dachi.

After the lunch break Sensei Tom De Gersem (Belgium) did a very interesting warming up jumping from one leg to the other keeping the balance. First to the front, than to the side, than jump and kick. And to make it more difficult, the same exercise was done on thick gymnastic mats. Sensei Juan-Pablo did afterwards some basic blocking techniques in standing position, first omote, than gyaku. It is important to work both sides, in order to be more flexible, to adapt to all kind of attacking situations.

On Sunday morning Sensei Pascal did a kumite session, were emphasis was on attobaya (what happens after the contact). Here he explained that Sensei Kase used the term very often in his training. The first step is to touch the opponents attack and apply immediately kime and continue the away of blocking, supported by breathing of course. But attobaya means also that one must sense in the moment of blocking:

Sensei Taiji Kase said, this is the highest art of blocking, to adapt and decide in the "moment you touch" what to do. In training we did several exercises to practice this difficult sensation.

Participants: Juan-Pablo Delgado (ES), Nico Ibscher (G), Lorenzo Marti (ES), Christian LeRomacier (F), Oliver Sprinz (G), Anti Kovalainen (F), Yvonne Doyle (UK), Tom De Gersem (B), Ashley Coburn, (UK), Roland Reiszeck (SW), Davide Aratori (I), Manolo Valero (ES), Manon Shouten (NL), Christopher Parlati (F), Morgan Touch  (F), Lionel Tavarres (P), Peter Cerar (G), Thomas Gilgin (G), Paul Carree(F), Jordi Millet (ES), Arturo Salvatierra (ES), Frank Schubert (ES)

Sensei Pascal Petrella welcomes the participants to the 7th KSKA Kangeiko
Watch out the front foot, the toes should not point inside
The pointing toe (second toe) should point forward
Sensei Petrella explains with the help of sensei Nico the the edge of the back foot should be pushed firmly to the ground
Sensei Juan Pablo demonstrates how to start the position for fudo dachi
Start from 30° kiba dachi, then turn your front foot and knee forward, keep your back leg if possible
... but watch you back knee
Sensei Petrella explains, you might have to turn your knee inwards in order to be able to turn your hip forward to punch gyaku tsuki
... otherwise in kumite the distance, if you can not turn your hip, is too short
In fudo dachi one must be able to turn the hip slightly, like sensei Juan-Pablo
Sensei Pascal Petrella shows the wrong arm position while blocking age uke
Correctly the elbow should be under the blocking arm, not at the side, in order not to loose energy in the elbow
O-waza end position of age uke
Frank Schubert and Nico Ibscher in action
Anti (F) blocks Lionel (P) with otoshi uke
Manon (NL) blocks Arturo (ES) with tate shuto uke
Morgan (F) blocks Yvonne (UK) with O-waza age uke
Christian (F) blocks Paul (F) with o-waza tate uke
Sensei Dirk Heene observing Jordi (ES) and Thomas (G) during training
Christopher (F) blocking Oliver (G)
Sensei Petrella an sensei Delgado in action
Davide (I) attacking Arturo (ES)
Sensei pascal explains, that for shuto uke the hip should be in hanmi position
... and not 90° outside, because the knee turns inside, and the block is weaker
Sensei Nico Ibscher (G) explains what kind of pressure one should feel in fudo dachi
... and demonstrates with Manolo (ES) and what excercises could help to get that feeling
Tom (B) has the task to make himself very heavy, but to keep his hips relaxed
Anti (F) trys to make himself very heavy, giving Juan-Pablo (ES) a hard time to lift him up
In warming up Tom (B) shows with Nico some other excercises to practice stability in positions, pushing
... and pulling
Tom (B) shows a very good excercise for balance and coordination in warming up by jumping on a mat, first straight
... then sideways
and then with kick ... not really easy
Sensei Juan-Pablo Delgado (ES) demonstrating a blocking combination with Anti (F)
Age uke
Tate uke
Uchi ude uke
Gedan barai
Sensei Lorenzo (ES) practicing with Sensei Nico (G)
Roland(SW) attacking Anti (F)
... and he is doing a counter attack with ura mawashi geri
Sensei Dirk Heene (B) observing the training
Group photo KSKA Kangeiko 2015

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