Aki Gasshuku October 2015 in Cork / Irland


Arturo Salvatierra from Spain with yoko geri against Christopher Parlati from France
Dave Wigger from Tasmania and Anka from Switzerland
Gertjan Fieret and Joss from Belgium
Group photo KSKA Gashuku Cork Irland 2015
Part of the spanish group
Participants from Portugal
Peter Cerar and Jörg Liebelt from Germany
Sensei Dirk Heene
Sensei Jim Martin streching before the training
Sensei Michaylo Fedyk with mawashi geri
Sensei Nico Ibscher gives some explanation to the group
Sensei Pascal Lecourt before the training
Sensei Vebo and Sensei Anette Pavlovic from Sweden
Sensei Vebo discussing with Anti
Senseis Anette Pavolovic with Alan Armstrong
Senseis Nico Ibscher and Juan-Pablo Delgado with a student from Cork
Thanks to sensei Tim Harte on the right who organised the gasshuku in Cork
The group from Northern Ireland
The participants from Cork during partner work
Training impressions
Training impressions

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