9th KSKA Kangeiko in Müllheim / Germany, 24th - 26th February 2017

On behalf of the Shihankai, Sensei Pascal Petrella organised and hosted the 9th Kangeiko again in Müllheim. Present was also KSKA president Sensei Dirk Heene and vice president Jim Martin to practice with the group and also to observe the progress and development of the KSKA instructors. The Kangeiko is one of the toughest seminars during the year, but it gains popularity which shows the number of attendance with nearly 30 participants from about 10 different countries.

KSKA Kangeiko group photo

Sensei Pascal Petrella started of the Friday evening training with kicking exercises for different distances. From very short, one of Sensei Kase's favourite exercises to very long ranges. The idea was how to attack if the opponent is not in your comfort zone, but still be able to attack with an effective geri. How to overcome a distance of 3 meters? How to do the steps to get as fast as possible from point A to point B.

After 2 hours of kicking everybody was happy to go for dinner, some of the participants were already up since 2 am in the morning.

Christian LeRomancer and Morgane Touch (both France)

Veronica Conejero (Spain) Bassai Sho bunkai with Rafael Santos (Portugal)

Yvonne Doyle partnering Jörg Liebelt (Germany)

Jim Martin (Scotland) partnering Dirk Heene (Belgium)

Toni Kovalainen (Finnland) attacking Juan-Pablo Delgado (Spain)

Anti Kovalainen (Finland) with shuto counter attack at Juan-Pablo Delgado (Spain)

Gauthier Vanhaelewyn (Belgium) blocking Christian LeRomancer (France)

Garry McGeogh (Scotland) attacking Morgane Touch (France)

The first training on Saturday Sensei Lorenzo Marti from Spain was asked to show his teaching ability. He chose the topic Bassai-Oyo, a bunkai combination out of Bassai Dai and Bassai Sho. The kata and the bunkai was complex, but this group were nearly all 3rd dan and above the group could manage the challenge.

The second morning training was held by Sensei Nico Ibscher from Germany, he continued the topic Bassai, but with a different approach. He showed some kumite and self defence application with Bassai.

After a lunch break and a short nap, Sensei Pascal did the now already obligatory Saturday afternoon training, Kumite, Kumite, Kumite with lots of partner changes for all a good opportunity to practice with partner from different countries.

Donatas Dauginis (Lithuania) with counter attack at Rafael Santos (Portugal)

Oliver Sprinz (Germany) blocking a mae geri from Christopher Parlarti (France)

Juan-Pablo Delgado (Spain) blocking a mae geri from Veronica Conejero (Spain)

Donatas Dauginis (Lithuania) blocing an attack of Fabrice Meignen (France)

Francis Milan (Spain) blocking an attack from Paul Carre (France)

Lorenzo Marti (Spain) teaching Bassai Oyo

Lorenzo Martin demonstrating Bassai Oyo bunkai with Jordi Millet and Francis Milan (all Spain)

Group performing Bassai Oyo

After a nice meal at the Hotel Stadthaus, by midnight everybody was kaput and in bed.

Sunday morning Sensei Juan-Pablo Delgado from Spain took the last session of the KSKA Kangeiko. He did some kumite applications.

Sensei Dirk and Sensei Jim are very contented with the development of our younger instructors, giving them on one hand the opportunity to practice regularly on a high level, and since all are practicing, eating and sharing rooms together making friends, sharing experience, exchange ideas.

Anti Kovalainen (Finland) in a solid fudo dachi

Ashley Cowburn (England) throwing Gauthier Vanhaelewyn (Belgium)

Dirk Heene (Belgium) blocking Mario Sammarco (Germany)

Yvonne Doyle (England) blocking Steven VanBeek (Scotland)

Nico Ibscher (Germany) blocking with sokuto geri a mae geri attack from Christopher Parlati (France)

Nico Ibscher (Germany) explaining tanden power to Yvonne Doyle and Veronica Conejero

Ashley Cowburn (England) applying a lock to Garry McGeogh (Scotland)

Toni Gallen (Finland) blocking a mawashi geri of Thomas Gilgin (Germany)

Oliver Sprinz (Germany) throwing Gerhard Scheuriker (Germany)

A big thanks to Sensei Pascal Petrella for the organisation and the training and the drivers for the airport pick-up and drop off.

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