KSKA 6th Dan & Above Grading Protocol

For KSKA 6th Dan and above the Shihankai will assess on merit and in accordance with the selection criteria as detailed below, those candidates that are considered eligible to present a senior Dan grade.

At six monthly intervals the KSKA Secretary is to provide the names of potential candidates to the Shihankai for assessment where those who are selected for advancement will be invited in writing that will also state the recommended date and location at which to present their grading.

The following criteria will be used as a guide for the Shihankai in assessing on merit the suitability and abilities of the potential candidate:

  1. Length of time training in karate and in the style of Kase-Ha
  2. Duration of un-broken membership of the KSKA
  3. Date of last grading
  4. Organisation of last grade (KSKA or other)
  5. Candidates attendance at KSKA Gasshuku and other courses that are presented by members of the Shihankai
  6. On technical merit
  7. Running a club and/or student development including student support of the KSKA
  8. Additional functional support given by the candidate to the KSKA including organisational and/or other such services
  9. Other as maybe applicable and as considered necessary by the Shihankai

Further to the above and in the lead-up to the grading:

The respective candidate will be expected to continue with their support of the KSKA including regular attendance on KSKA Gasshuku and other courses also to maintain regular contact with the Shihankai so as to confirm their progression.

Candidates must attend a minimum of three KSKA Gasshuku within the two year period leading up to presentation of their grading that is unless in exceptional circumstance when their application will be further considered by the Shihankai.

Attendance on Gasshuku and other courses as presented by the members of the KSKA Shihankai is to be recorded within the candidates KSKA passbook, whilst record of attendance on domestic courses is to be made within the candidates domestic licence/passbook.

Whilst there is no formal grading syllabus, the candidate will be required to demonstrate the level of karate that is within their capability that should be based on the core principles of Kase-Ha Karate-Do. Further guidance will be provided by the Shihankai.

The candidate might also be asked to demonstrate their instructional capabilities as a means of continuing the development of Kase-Ha Karate-Do.

In regards to European based candidates then 6th Dan and above grades are to be taken during a KSKA Gasshuku. Exceptions can be made in relation to countries including; Australia, Kuwait etc at the discretion of the Shihankai.

The KSKA Dan grade examination fee will remain at € 120 until further notice.

Candidates who fail the examination will be refunded € 60 from the total fee.

For subsequent attempts the candidate is only required to pay € 60 without refund on failure.