General Information

The cost for each Dan grading is 100. Candidates who fail the examination will be refunded by 50 of the fee. For subsequent attempts they are only required to pay 50 without refunds on failure.

Grading Syllabus
Grading Application Form: PDF DOC
KSKA Grading List: PDF DOC 

Acceptance of Dan grades from other organisations

On entry in the KSKA the Dan grade of a new member will be recognised and added to our Dan list with a note of the organisation which granted it.

If a KSKA member upgrades his level outside of the KSKA, it will not be recognised as a KSKA grade.

If a member leaves the KSKA and upgrades outside of the KSKA and then reapplies for membership of the KSKA, the new Dan Grade again will not be recognised.

For further information please ask the KSKA General Secretary.